Mature Couple Stock Photography Lifestyle Photoshoot.

A little bit about the shoot.

Mature Couple in an English country estate Lifestyle Stock photographs.
Available exclusively at

This Photoshoot was part of an event hosted by in London, November 2013. It was a three-day event in Shoreditch.
I loved it.
On the third day, I was one of a group of photographers and videographers who had been chosen to attend an event at a country estate outside of London.
Each Photographer was assigned a group of models and had a 40-minute slot to shoot the models assisted by an Art director from Getty Images.
The atmosphere at the house was great, a real buzz of creatives all working on their project.
The tension mounted as my 40-minute slot was due, but my models were late due to a travel issue.
It was great fun and the 40 minutes went by in no time.
I have developed a fast style when working with models and can get quite a lot of content from a short shoot. However, the editing, retouching and colour toning takes me weeks, wish I could get faster at that : )

View the images here.

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