Trevose Lighthouse, Cornwall.

Trevose Lighthouse.
Aerial view over Trevose Lighthouse. (C) John Shepherd.

The Image is taken from the window of a Cessna 152 on a chartered photography flight from Newquay airport with FLY Newquay.
My first attempt at aerial photography, I’d watched a couple of tutorials and read a few things.
It’s pretty challenging photographing from the plane, it’s a small two-seater, the window pushes up in a flap motion, and the speed of the aircraft keeps it in place. It’s very cramped and tricky to get the shots, the wheel and the wing means you are limited in your angles.
I’d certainly like to do it again, but it’s pretty costly.

Camera: Nikon D850 Lens 70-200mm f2.8 VRII.

This image is available from in print form and at licensable for editorial use.

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